Jennifer B. Hoffman is an abstract artist and designer based in Scottsdale Arizona. She is currently exhibiting her fine artworks primarily in Downtown Phoenix art galleries, private collections, restaurants, salons, fine furniture galleries, and in-home staging. Her award-winning work has been published in Graphic Display USA,the Artisan HD Blog and Catalog, the “Patterns Contest” for The Light, Space, & Time art galleryas the Overall Winner in her category,Arizona Artist A Day,and the Downtown Phoenix Journal.

Jennifer has been immersed in the world of art since early childhood and has succeeded professionally in performance and fine art.​It was in 2015 when Jennifer realized she could turn her fine art into mind-bending, eye-popping designs that engage the viewer completely.She could not stop there; her newfound interest in designing patterns quickly became an obsession.

The wild colors and tiny, analytical details and shapes you see in each design come from her passionate interest in the connection between biology, behavior, and the psyche. Jennifer zooms in on the great possibilities of the unknown. When looking at her work, one may notice elements inspired by the deep-sea, outer-space, and perhaps that inner-dialogue we all experience.

She has described creating art as “highly therapeutic; providing an outlet for all of the energy the universe is sending. I am the vessel, and my art is the message”.

In 2010, Jennifer graduated with a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling with a concentration in Art Therapy followed by Doctoral level training in integrated medicine. Her insight into the human mind expanded her special interest in the strange and unusual. After living all over the United States and traveling around the globe, Jennifer has endless inspiration from which to draw.

In 2019 Jennifer and her husband co-founded Endless-Art, a boutique studio dedicated to pattern and surface design. Jennifer’s Wild Fly Art brand surface designs are licensed to Bijou by

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