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Benedict Hadley is a Prolific Film Maker and Artist. His work focuses on the essence of life and the Human Spirit as it is effected by the built and natural environment. Vivid, complex and designed to be a truly spiritual and freeing experience, Hadley’s art is geared to sophisticated, creative and ambitious individuals from all walks of life. It is Art designed to empower the viewer with the encompassing feeling that only works of intention and purpose can provide. From Brooklyn NYC, Benedict Hadley’s work which intersects between the areas of Architecture, fashion, fine arts, culinary, public education and street art has been screened worldwide at The Cannes Film Festival and New York Fashion Week. His commercial films includes work for JAY Z, Francis Ford Coppola, PBS, Costume Designer June Ambrose, Author John Ziesel, Michelin Star winning Chef Aliya LeeKong and The Urban League amongst many others. His fine art which includes sculpture, paintings and video art is heralded by private collectors and Members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, Mac Arthur Genius Grant Recipients and the Biden Family. He is a co-founder of The New Ark Fellowship Project and is a two time nominee of The Prestigious Loeb Fellowship for Design at Harvard University.

His latest film “Trap Cakes” will be released in theaters in 2020.

Instagram @kikroxorg

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