After studying at the Art Center College of Design, John traveled to Europe to study directly from the Renaissance Masters in museums on Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Working as an art director in Advertising for eight years for fortune 500 companies before merging into the Music Industry created a new desire to focus his brush on specific themes. Forming the Epic Murals company, John coordinated and completed over 400 murals for numerous international clients. Warner Brothers, United Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox commissioned his art for a variety of films. He also worked directly with Apple founder Steve Wozniak, the Rolling Stones, Beatles and the Beach Boys on numerous promotion efforts.

John then moved to the Hawaiian Islands and began a collection of seascapes devoted to t he environment and Sea Life. After 14 years, John returned to the mainland to continue working on large scale mural projects that included PF Changs China Bistro and CLA Children’s Learning Adventures.

John currently resides in the forest on Southern California and is focused on a new book as well as continuing a variety of projects.

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